Getting Personal with Famous Personalities – SEO/Web Content

You hear it all the time: Celebrities are “just people too.” It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? They are driven about in pearlescent black cars, attend cinema premieres in Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior, dine at restaurants that are only “hot spots” because they have deigned to eat there and live in the highest amount of comfort imaginable. These people are revered, watched and often worshiped. How can they be just like us? How can they have human personalities?

What if you could listen as your favorite celebrities told you what it is really like to live their lives? What if you could watch a video stream of your favorite actress as she describes the excruciating pain she must withstand for several hours during every film session because her warrior woman belt has metal edges that dig into her sides and ribcage when she runs? Imagine that you watch as your favorite musician sits on his living room sofa and tells you about his priorities when he gets home from being on tour: how much he misses video games and movie nights with his kids, how he longs for his own bed while hopping from hotel to hotel and the look on his wife’s face when he just makes it home in time for her birthday.

If you could listen to your favorite author talk about her childhood dreams and fears, would you? Would you be interested to find out that blue whales still terrify her? Would you believe that she has a thirty-year-old dolphin plush that must sleep with her every night? What if she told you she likes corndogs better than any other food, will only wear shoes that are genuine Doc Martens and practically created a religion dedicated to the spirits of trees trapped in light poles just because she believes in her books that much?

If you won’t believe it from anyone else, take it from the celebrities themselves. They will tell you about the extraordinary lives they lead, and how they still love Cheerios with sugar on them. You can see the intelligence, talent, courage and determination that it takes to make it in the cut-throat world of entertainment, and you may discover you have more respect for a certain pop star than you thought you ever would. Or perhaps that a particular chef is the only person you’d feel safe with in a dark alley. Would you pass up an opportunity to see the truth behind every celebrity’s smiles and tears streamed right to your television or computer? What if it was free, or incredibly inexpensive? No, I didn’t think you would.


Photo By: Crystal Muno @ Imaginography Studios


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