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This is it. The bag you’ve been waiting for. The one that garnishes respect from all of the other men’s bags. Its clean, professional lines and supple, vegetable-tanned brown leather are easy on the eye and comfortable on your shoulder.

This bag is a commander among bags, but it’s not bragging. It knows what it’s capable of. With enough space inside to carry a standard 13-inch laptop and hard-cover notebook, and zippered inside pocket for pens and extras, it embodies functional versatility.

The hand-aged metal accents add stability, whether it’s slung over your shoulder or the back of your chair. Claw clasp front-closures keep your valuables safe, and easy-to-access front satchel pockets give you a little extra space for the business card quick-draw.

With this bag slung over your shoulder, you’ll be ready for anything, from Monday morning presentations to Friday happy hour.


Tender Belly co-founders Shannon and Erik Duffy run their premium pork business on one simple principle: a high-quality product is worthwhile. For these entrepreneurial brothers, high quality is the only way to go. They don’t cut corners when creating Certified Awesome pork products, and they back up their claims.

tenderbellyEverything starts with only Heritage Breed hogs; the main two are Berkshire and Duroc, but the Tender Belly brand includes many fine hog breeds, and clients can special order pork from a specific breed.

All Tender Belly hogs are raised on farms which treat the hogs with compassion and provide a high level of care. This is important to the Duffy brothers, because they are always doing their best to be humane, sustainable, and environmentally conscious. There are even regular farm visits to make sure the hogs are being treated properly.

The Duffys source farms near their plants to cut down on transportation and to utilize yearly crop rotation. Often, the same farms that feed the hogs also raise the hogs.

Sustainable measures like taking care of the pigs–which are on all-vegetarian diets, free of antibiotics, and raised to maturity–and sustainable farms keep Tender Belly at the forefront of culinary advancements. Several celebrity chefs number among Tender Belly clients.

Shannon and Eric are kind to their pigs because it’s the right thing to do. Hogs that are treated well also taste better.

How did it all start? The brothers didn’t have much to begin with, but Shannon had done some sales and Erik was a culinary artist with a killer recipe for bacon. So, the two of them put their skills together and made some incredible bacon. Erik developed their signature bacon dry-rub, which they dry-cure all of their bacon in for almost two weeks (12 days, to be exact).

This is where the not-cutting-corners part really comes in—patience. The dry rub features freshly-ground juniper berries, late-season Vermont maple sugar, and a specialty mix of spices. None of the ingredients are ever processed. The bacon is smoked with cherry wood. And that’s all they’ll tell us about their secret bacon-making process.

Whatever else is involved, the Duffys make some of the best bacon the west has ever tasted—and it was enough to get the ball rolling. Did we mention the elite chefs? They took their bacon to a few of those chefs and before Erik and Shannon knew it, they had an exclusive pork business getting ready to explode. There is a list of participating restaurants and vendors on the Tender Belly website that is updated twice per year. The chefs who use the Duffy Brothers’ meat go on record, proclaiming the quality of the pork. And, why shouldn’t they? Rumor has it 80% of the Tender Belly sales actually come from restaurants.

This go-get-’em attitude is a huge contributor to Erik and Shannon Duffy’s success. But, as they say over and over again, an outstanding product and a company culture that’s fun and engaging are about as true to their core values as it gets. So, it’s not just about making money to them—Shannon and Erik encourage quality as a lifestyle. The Tender Belly employees even hold karaoke sessions during which they literally sing ballads to the Tender Belly bacon. That definitely earns them the title of Certified Awesome.


happilyhitchedWhen my honey finally asked me to marry him, I said “Yes” without hesitation! I was beyond happy—but it didn’t take long before the overload set in. Like most brides, I’d been dreaming of this day since I was a little girl. It turns out all of those years of “planning” did NOT prepare me for how to get from A to Bride.

As her first official act, my Matron of Honor presented me with my very own Happily Hitched planner and, let me tell you, that was a life-saver! The ladies who created this planner really thought of everything—the planner has four tabs inside: Goals, Projects, Financials, and Plans, so I could keep track of everything from start to finish! There were even little pockets inside each section that I kept my samples, scraps, and menus in.

As I progressed through my wedding plans, so did my planner. It started with the details my honey and I knew we both wanted, then sorted projects and tasks that needed completing, and moved on to keeping track of budgets to make sure we didn’t go over. We finished up with all of our parties, venues, and schedules, so none of those last little details would get missed. Everything was practically effortless, and we couldn’t have done it all without Happily Hitched!


freeandcrownFrom secret gardens to romantic midnight cities, a girl’s fashion choices need to keep up with her sense of adventure. The Elizabeth Jane headband from our #Vintage Collection, with its faux pearls and delicate bow of pale pink, royal blue, and sharp black satin is both daring and elegant. Add a touch of excitement to your ensemble with Elizabeth Jane. It looks like our founder, Daira, is about to slip into some mischievous fun wearing hers! #FreeandCrown #SpringFashion


The following is a proofreading sample:

Set yourself free.

We teamed up with your favorite artists—listen to their personal struggles and the methods they used to overcome them, while our team lays out the steps for you to reshape your thinking around your own addiction.
Learn from your past failures, mistakes, and disappointments to achieve a new perspective on how to live abundantly.

Restore is a six-step program to help you overcome any habit.

Our team will lead you through each phase, and offer support when you need it.
And what better way to conquer addiction than alongside artists from many of your favorite bands? Push through your struggles, and come out stronger on the other side, with Restore!


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