Who I Am.

IMG_5651I’m a writer of words, magical artisan of editing, and social media wizard. In addition  to maintaining a blog chronicling my adventures, I collab on freelance projects with Burntgraphite Design Group and contribute guest articles to the travel and brews blog: The Hoppy Half-Pint.

While creative writing is my passion, my expertise ranges from marketing and print, to digital media. MS Office is second nature to me and I boast a happy working relationship with Adobe CS.

I am currently on contract in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Before that, I spent most of two years as the social media coordinator (and acting product researcher) for a retail company in Oregon, and another year writing and editing email copy, and developing training and marketing materials for the Accounting and IT departments of a small eComm company, also based in Oregon.

My passions are imbedded in the creative. I collab with art directors and project managers on a daily quest to achieve maximum creative greatness. My goal is the best possible customer experience.